The roof's shingle installation impressed Jess

Time wasn’t on Jess’ side, and she had to make some difficult choices.

Jess had a trip planned that would keep her in Europe for several months, and nothing was going to stop her from visiting all of her dream locations.

The day had finally arrived for her to travel the world after years of work and saving. Jess intended to travel to Europe for several months this year. The following year, she would tour Africa, but first, she wanted to make sure everything at home was okay. The winter before, Jess had issues with her roof that needed to be fixed. The roofing contractors had made numerous visits to her property for repairs. But when they last visited, Jess was confronted with some difficult truths. Roof replacement is preferable to repairs, but every homeowner eventually needs a new roof. Jess had to update her shingle roof or risk further damage to her house. The cost of updating a shingle roof is not cheap, but Jess had the money to pay for it. She therefore sought advice from a nearby roofing company before her urgent trip. Jess was aware that roofing contractors complete their work quickly and only require authorization to get started. The roofers worked on her house for four days, removing the outdated roof and installing a new shingle roof. Jess was so impressed that she raved about the reputable roofing company to all of her friends. They frequently exchange such details in their chat groups in order to prevent one another from wasting money on dubious individuals.

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