I rented a furnished apartment when I resituated

Relocating from what neighborhood to another can be a sizable inconvenience, but especially if you’re like me who accepted an incredible job but did not come up with a game plan for relocation, a few years ago, I decided that I needed a change in my life, so I did something drastic… I accepted a job in a neighborhood that I had only visited a few times.

And to make things worse, after accepting the position, I only had 2 weeks to transfer to the modern neighborhood to start my modern job.

It was so stressful because at the time, I owned my home, plus I wasn’t sure about the best way to handle that… Of course, there was no way to sell my apartment in 2 weeks, so I decided to make my apartment a fully furnished short term rental, then making my apartment a furnished short term rental house provided me the flexibility that I needed to transfer to the modern city. I didn’t have to worry about moving any furniture, which means my relocation expense was a lot lower than it could have been. In fact, the only expense I had was gas, hotels, plus food because I packed my motorcar up with what I needed to start my modern life; When I first moved, I rented a fully furnished apartment because that was the easiest option. I didn’t have to worry about any heavy lifting, everything I needed was already inside the furnished apartment… Having the option of renting my apartment as a furnished short term rental plus renting a furnished apartment for myself made it easier to relocate to a modern city.


Short term office space