We had a bad heating thing

Then he’d get his own HVAC car and be off to meet customers on his own

It has been such an appealing time having Dave as my apprentice. My boss always appreciates hiring gentlemen fresh from HVAC school. They join our apprenticeship and we get to train them about the task. It’s one thing to train in school about heating and cooling systems, and the trainers and instructors even do their best to show students the practicalities of working with HVAC systems. However, the real world is so much more different. As more experienced HVAC experts, we get to teach the apprentices more about the task. We take them to the customers’ homes, show them the right interactions to have, and how to inspect the different heating and cooling systems. It’s been so good having Dave under my wing. Ever since he was assigned to me a few months ago, we’ve had the best time. I’m more of a seasoned old timer, and Dave is a gen-z, so we always find each other laughing. There are stories I share and he says the seasoned days were weird, which always makes me feel like I’m 103 years old. However, he is a kind kid and always eager to learn. So, I share all the experience and wisdom with him hoping he has a lasting HVAC career. Last week, we were on our way to repair a faulty gas furnace when I told Dave we only had one more week to work together. Then he’d get his own HVAC car and be off to meet customers on his own. He had a mixture of emotions about this news, although I knew he was ready to hit the ground running as a heating and cooling worker.

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