Friend went without heating and air conditioning for a year to save money

My friend Sam is really into the environment and conserving energy. Her life’s mission is to reduce her carbon footprint and to help save the earth. I respect her for everything she does for our planet. She posted a poll online and asked her followers if they would be interested in seeing her blog about not using heat or air conditioning in her home for a whole year. She lives in the northeast where the winters can be super cold and the summers can get pretty hot. She had 99% of her followers say yes so she started blogging. She promised that she would post her electric bills each month to show how much money she was saving. Her blog posts were really interesting especially in the winter and summer months. She left her posts open to commenting and many people commented that they couldn’t live without heat in the winter or without air conditioning in the summer. Sam wrote about ways she kept herself warm during the winter. When she was home, she often wore layers of clothing and blankets around the house. At night she slept with three comforters instead of one. She also used handwarmers when her hands got really cold. In the summer, she used fans to keep her cool and often placed ice packs on her face when she was sweating. She cooked on the grill outside instead of heating up the oven to keep her home cooler inside. Sam shared that she saved over $1,500 total from keeping her air conditioning and heating off.

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