This repair took me a long time

At one time I was a HVAC specialist who ran their truly own independent heating in addition to cooling cabin services type business! I went at this for about 8 years in addition to then finally decided that the world of HVAC was simply just not for me.

I figured out the fact that HVAC simply bored the heck out of me.

I was truly great at what I did in addition to was a pretty great HVAC specialist. I had a real great purchaser base as well in addition to I could have gone on to keep running my independent HVAC company for decades to come up till my retirement, however, I just could not rest it anymore in addition to got to hating my job, this was when i decided to close my local HVAC independent company in addition to go to college for accounting. This is something that I wanted to do much more! And although it was having to start all over again in my near middle age, it was well worth it to me. Today I am an accountant working for a truly high profile company in addition to I make even more currency than I did being an independent HVAC specialist with my truly own HVAC supplier. I am cheerful where I am now in addition to this is what I will be doing until I am able to retire from the working world in about 10 years from now.

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