Signing up for HVAC home services to keep our warranty

When our heat pump was installed, the heating dealer told us that we would need to sign up for and keep up with heating maintenance through their home services if we wanted to keep our warranty.

We needed to be more careful with our furnace, which we rarely serviced and had lost after continuous heating repair and almost seasonal duct sealing.

We only called the HVAC tech when we ran into an issue, but we were made to understand that it would no longer be the case with our new heating technology because negligence would mean we do not qualify for a warranty. We selected a heating device without ductwork to avoid repeating our previous issues and move on with life with the help of the digital thermostat for efficiency. That’s our main reason for buying a heat pump. My husband and I believed that routine maintenance and paying for an HVAC serviceman was an industrial practice and not one for residential homes. If we could avoid the heating industry, we would take the chance, but this time round, we were trapped in it. The heating expert explained that we would have to have at least one servicing done per year, but it would be recommended to have the equipment checked seasonally, especially just before winter and summer. These are the seasons when the devices would be working most, so they needed to be checked to ensure we did not have incidents when we needed them most. We’ve only had one of those maintenance visits done, and it’s not as horrible as we thought. We should keep this up even after the warranty expires because I do not want to buy new equipment soon.

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