Please don’t tell your brother about the HVAC system.

When my good friend and I ordered our mini split ductless HVAC system, I asked my partner not to tell his brother about the HVAC system.

I wasn’t trying to keep it a secret, but I knew how my partner and his brother were.

If his brother came over while the boxes were still in the house, they would be opened. Once those boxes were opened, neither me nor God would be able to stop them from playing with the parts and considering installing one or all of the HVAC units. He gave me a dirty look, although he couldn’t understand what the big secret was about. I told him to invite him and his spouse over after the mini split ductless HVAC system was installed, and they could experience its heat and a/c with us. I then reminded him what happened when they delivered our 71 inch TV set. They took it out of the box, and broke the screen while trying to figure out how to use the touch screen gaming system that was already installed. The entire TV set had to be factory reset by the people who were to set the TV up for us. I didn’t want this to happen with our modern HVAC system. If he showed up when the HVAC system was being installed, he would want to be helping the HVAC techs unconnect the air duct and the old HVAC system. I just thought the entire process would go easier if he and his brother weren’t in the apartment together! As much as he didn’t want to, he agreed with me.


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