The doctor asked if my good friend and I had an air cleaner.

My skin was so dry and itchy that I was digging it open while sleeping. I woke up with abrasions up and down my arms, and on my legs. Now, my neck had marks all over, like someone had scratched me. My child thought it was a poltergeist, but I knew it was my dry, itchy skin. I had been waking up scratching, and I had to talk to my doctor, but when he first looked at my skin, he said it looked like poison ivy, although he swiftly changed his mind. He said mine was the driest and most miserable skin he had seen in a long time. He asked if my good friend and I had an air cleaner in site. We didn’t and he said my good friend and I should look into it. We needed a good humidifier for the dryness, and the air cleaner would get rid of the dust and other debris in the air that miserable the skin. I went cabin and told my partner about my skin rash, and he told me to call the HVAC corporation. If the doctor thought it would help with my skin condition, he was okay with getting an air cleaner, and a humidifier. When the HVAC worker arrived, he asked if my good friend and I wanted a lay alone humidifier or one that went with the heater? I told him to get the one in the heater, because it was overly humid in the summer, however my good friend and I had the whole-cabin air purification installed in the entire HVAC system. I hadn’t felt so good in my skin in quite some time.

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