The air duct in the attic was broken.

I don’t know how I knew, but I was sure the air duct in the attic was broken! I could hear a whistling coming from the attic whenever the heater turned on.

It was already warm up there, however the heat seemed to be more concentrated; The first time I noticed how much warmer it was, was when I went into the attic to pull out some clothes from an old trunk that belonged to my Grandma.

There were clothes that came from the early 1900s and I was sure they would be perfect for my daughter’s senior play, however normally, the air in the attic was still, however there was a slight movement of the air. I called the HVAC supplier and told them there was a problem with the air duct in the attic. They sent a special HVAC worker to the house, and he checked the entire air duct system, however he showed where the crack was in the air duct, and said most people wouldn’t have noticed. He also found cracks in other sites; One of the largest holes was highly visible, and it was in the basement. I couldn’t understand how the HVAC worker had missed it when he was doing the inspection. The HVAC worker looking for the cracked air duct found it swiftly, and would have thought it would have been found while in the inspection. He said they were just looking at the heater, however it was his task to find the air duct cracks. The bad news was that he thought my good friend and I needed to replace a few pieces of air duct, however the rest could be repaired and the air duct should be cleaned and sanitized.

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