I was surprised he wasn’t willing to upgrade the aging heat pump

Having an older brother who believes he knows everything is enough to drive you mad! Well, not completely, however it can be a nightmare… My older brother has always been really stubborn, in addition to even my parents say his teen years were a challenge, however they hoped he’d get calmer after he met his fiance, however that wasn’t the case. There is always this need for him to control everything, in addition to this is how he ended up losing his family after 10 years… Now, he lives alone in this lodge he had bought for family holidays back when he was married. My brother is slowly turning into a hermit. In addition to that, I am a little uneasy about him. Dad in addition to mom tried to help him, in addition to encouraging my brother to see a therapist! But, that bore no fruit, I am the only one he allows to visit the lodge, perhaps because I match his stubbornness in addition to I am his little sibling; Last summer, I went to the lodge to take him supplies in addition to making sure he was enjoyable before going on holiday. When I arrived, I noted the lodge felt warmer than usual. My brother told me his aging heat pump had failed in addition to he was opting to leave the windows open during the afternoon. That isn’t something you want to do in bear country, so my pal and I went back and forth about hiring someone to upgrade the broken heat pump… Finally, he caved in addition to saying he’d do it in addition to letting me know while I was away on holiday, and knowing him, he’d drag his feet hiring an HVAC expert to come in addition to do the job, however eventually he’d get it done before I got back.

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