Incredibly hot without air conditioning

Where I live, having some kind of air conditioning is vital if you want to live here.

Unless you are ok with living in 90 degree temperatures, you are definitely going to want to have some kind of cooling. The house next to me has been empty for years, the previous owner moved away a long time ago. However, recently I noticed a new couple has moved in. Trying to be a friendly neighbor, I went over to talk to them. They seemed like nice people, and they were telling me all of the renovations they are doing on their new house. So imagine my surprise when they told me they weren’t going to update their central HVAC unit. The previous owner had the same A/C machine for years, so I knew the system was old and probably not working well. As I figured, they told me they were new to this area. I told them they should get new heating and cooling anyways, especially A/C, because they were going to need it. They didn’t seem to take my answer seriously. When the next few days passed, I watched as the temperatures steadily increased. I couldn’t help but to think about my neighbors and what they were doing right now. It wasn’t until another few days when I noticed a HVAC truck parked outside their home. My neighbors were outside their home and were sweating a ton, so I invited them to my home while the HVAC specialist worked. They told me I was right, and they were having a new A/C installed as we speak.


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