HVAC machine is so efficient

I had been living with an old heating and air conditioning machine for a long time, so long that I guess I had forgotten how efficient the newer HVAC machines are. The old heater and air conditioner I had was at least 15 years old, I’m not exactly sure on the age. Anyways, when I would have a heating and air conditioning technician come out to do annual HVAC maintenance, they would often comment that I should try and get new HVAC installation, because the new A/C equipment was just so much more efficient. While I believed them, I figured they were just telling me that to convince me to spend money. So I kept my old machine. Well, that heating and air conditioning device only lasted another 5 or so years, before it couldn’t work anymore. And when that time came, then I knew it was time to get a new heating and cooling machine. I called the same local HVAC business that used to repair my old furnace system, and they were quite happy to do the new A/C installation for me. When they were finished, one of the cooling specialists told me that I would really enjoy my new air conditioner. And he was right, I was incredibly impressed when only 15 minutes of cooling, my home already felt so much better. I had gotten used to waiting 2 or so hours for my home to cool down. Now with my new system, it is practically instant. It is fantastic, and now I somewhat wish I had gotten new HVAC technology sooner!