Upgrading the air quality

I have a feeling that I absolutely need to get a new kind of air filtration plan for our house, then the whole venue smells care about cooking oil or something, and I just can’t seem to get rid of the smell no matter what I do, but i know that certain air filters are supposed to be able to get rid of larger particles in your ventilation system, but I have a strong feeling that just means things care about dust, dirt, plus pollen. I’m not sure that there are any air filters out there on the market that are smart enough to entirely get rid of such tiny particles as smell molecules, however maybe I’m wrong. I know that HEPA filters can filter out bacteria plus certain viruses, so perhaps they would be able to help with smells as well. I believe installing a HEPA air filter wouldn’t entirely hurt anything, and it just might help so I will genuinely try it. If it doesn’t do the trick, I’m either going to have to look into finally replacing our entire Heating plus A/C plan plus the HVAC duct. That sounds like a heck of a lot of money plus effort just to get rid of some nasty smells, however I’m sick and tired of smelling this same outdated bad smell in our apartment all the time. The other choice that I’ve been thinking of is maybe getting a whole beach house air purification system installed to run at the same time as the heating plus cooling system. I believe that would genuinely get rid of any smells that still remain once the HEPA filter is installed.

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