The electrician who saved me from a cooling equipment disaster

We were having voltage issues at our home, so I asked the electrician, who is a local service provider, to come to check on the problem.

I was afraid for my kitchen electronics because I run a baking business, but I forgot all about the electric heat pump until the electrician mentioned it. My house had a power guard for all the electronics except my HVAC installation. That revelation explained why climate control had also become questionable when the voltage problem started. I needed to expand my power surge protection in the house; otherwise, there was a high risk that I would be visiting the cooling corporation for new cooling equipment very soon. It was wild that the HVAC contractor had never mentioned the power surge issue, but I also remember rushing the cooling technician team to finish the installation, which I now know was a mistake. Given how much I spent to afford the cooling technology in the heat pump, I should have been more careful. Once the surge control was installed and the voltage issue resolved, I had to call the HVAC business for an emergency check on the cooling unit before I turned it on again after power restoration. I was afraid that it had been affected by the voltage issue, and only a cooling specialist could convince me to turn it on. Lucky for me, the damage had been prevented on time, and the surge control would help guard the equipment if there were any power problems in the future. My home, the center of my small business, cannot do without help with indoor comfort, and I cannot afford new equipment, so the report was comforting. I still credit the electrician for saving me from an expensive experience.


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