I’m surprised that my new air conditioner costed less than I was anticipating

My wife and I have struggled with a lot of unexpected expenses over the past few years.

We opted to buy a house sight unseen, instead relying on my parents’ judgement after they both claimed to have inspected the house personally.

Unfortunately, my parents missed a lot of serious issues that would have pushed me to abandon the sale. The plumbing is extremely dodgy and a single toilet flush is enough to pull water from the p-traps under the bathroom sinks. A small amount of water sits in a p-trap to prevent sewer gases from coming back up into your indoor air. Because the plumbing doesn’t have proper air ventilation going to the rooftop, the force of the toilet can pull enough water away to allow sewer gases to get out. Not only is our plumbing lackluster, but so is the air conditioner that was previously installed in this house. It was incredibly loud, smelled like mildew, and struggled to keep the indoor temperature below 80 degrees. We started asking for quotes from various local heating and cooling businesses. Despite all of the other setbacks we have faced, we lucked out on finding a great air conditioner with a high SEER value that was below our budget. I expected to be faced with an impasse and not being able to afford a machine that would meet our demands. Fortunately, our newly installed air conditioner operates like a powerhouse. It might be the strongest home air conditioning system I have ever owned personally. Although we have a long way to go before this house is completely repaired, getting our plumbing and air conditioning fixed were a large step in the right direction.

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