I was hesitant to upgrade to a new thermostat

Everyone in my family is encouraging me to upgrade to a new thermostat.

I’m just not sure if that’s something that I want to do.

You see, the reason is I’ve been the same age except for quite a long time now and I’ve really been happy with it. Upgrading to a Smart thermostat was a big adjustment, I’ve been doing some research and smart thermostats and they have a lot of brand new features and these features are really nice however I’m just not sure if it’s something that I want for my home. Everybody and my family is sort of pressuring me to get one. I think that’s because they see it as such a great upgrade that they don’t understand why anybody wouldn’t want one. But what they don’t understand is that maybe I’m perfectly happy with my older thermostat. I’m not going to just immediately give in and get a brand new thermostat and spend money on a smart thermostat if I don’t even need one if I’m happy with my old thermostat. I will however give the smart thermostat consideration. My plan is that I’m going to continue to do research on it and if I end up getting a smart thermostat it’ll be because I chose to and not because I’m being pressured into buying a new smart thermostat. This is just the way my family’s always been. They’ve always been really high tech, and as a result of this they don’t understand people that own outdated technology. There’s a kind of people who get the latest technological device every year, be it cell phones, computers, cars, you name it they have it.


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