Portable air con for your world

I recently went out and purchased a portable a/c gadget to put in my apartment office.

I work from an apartment and have this little office in my home that does not get the best air flow from the central heating and a/c’s cooling.

So getting a portable a/c gadget to have with me in the apartment office, while my friend and I were in the daytime working, was the best option I could have made with the hot season we have going on right now. It has totally improved my indoor comfort compared to what it was. It was getting tough to labor in that office in my home with the a/c not being too good. I had to sit with the door open all the time and get distracted by my wife and kids. But now that I have this fantastic portable a/c gadget, I no longer have to do that and I can labor in total indoor comfort and the quiet that I need. Sporadically the portable a/c gadget gets too cold in the apartment office and I have to turn it down. That is the sign of a truly fantastic product! Another thing my portable a/c gadget can do is make it so sometimes I can truly give the central heating and a/c gadget a rest for a few hours and save on energy use when I am the only one home. Because this portable a/c gadget is so powerful, I can put it in the living room, or anywhere else I am at home, and it can cool it down quickly.


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