Happy with a heat pump

I first came across heat pumps when I moved from the north to the south.

Nearly every property for sale that I toured was outfitted with an electric heat pump.

I had never heard of this type of system and wasn’t sure why the real estate agent always pointed it out. I did some research and learned that heat pumps are more expensive to purchase and install than more conventional heating and cooling units. However, a single unit handles year round temperature control, requiring less space and maintenance. Plus these innovative systems are especially environmentally friendly, energy efficient and provide lower utility bills. Unlike a natural gas furnace or boiler, a heat pump doesn’t burn fossil fuels to generate heat. Instead, it makes use of ambient heat available in the outdoor air. It uses the process of converting refrigerant from liquid to gas to compress this free heat energy into a higher temperature. The process avoids the drawbacks and concerns of combustion, such as fumes and carbon monoxide. In the summer, the heat pump reverses operation and works just like a conventional air conditioner. They are especially effective at handling excess humidity and modern models offer multi-stage filtration to help with air quality concerns. The house I eventually bought features a top-of-the-line heat pump that includes all the perks. It uses adaptable-speed technology to avoid temperature fluctuations and achieve outstanding inefficiency levels. Plus, I have the benefits of zone control, allowing more personalized comfort and eliminating the need to heat or cool empty rooms. I am totally happy with the heat pump. It requires very little maintenance and has proven wonderfully reliable.

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