Life and the nearby heating dealership

Let’s have a little convo about life and maybe even a little more talk about some technical topics as I am an engineer and like talking about technology.

As far as life goes, well my neighbor last week said she feels upset because she has no purpose.

I told her to always try new things till she finds 1 that sticks. Basically, the several keys to happiness that I have discovered are having what you need, doing what you love, and helping other people. So if 1 can find something they love, like heating plus air conditioning repair for me, and help other people then they won’t want anything except for what they have. Maybe my neighbor could start up a local company doing some kind of repair to the village with some kind of trade that she loves to do. I like duct labor and cleaning seasoned heating plus air conditioning equipment, which is not for most people, but it makes myself and others recognize wonderful things when I help people live a better quality of life. I am not a rocket scientist or anything like that, but being a heating and cooling specialist has taught myself and others a lot about life and I would like to keep laboring in the heating plus air conditioning industry until I am another seasoned woman and I believe I could make it to 76 years seasoned doing what I do if my body will hold out that long. I am 55 now and if I could do heating plus air conditioning technology repairs for 25 more years at the local company for the heating plus air conditioning company after that I would be a cheerful camper.