Playing music at the local business

We got our first paid music gig next month at this restaurant and we are pretty stoked about it.

  • This is our first club that we will perform at for money and if it goes well we will be doing a lot of other beach bars this summer as well.

I am looking forward to doing shows on the beach as our music mainly revolves around beach life and things like that. I have been living on the beach for the past 50 years basically and most of the stuff I write about is about the beach. The local business that we will perform at has some good air conditioning, so we won’t have to worry about sweating like mad when we are playing. As for the beach bars, well they may not have any way to keep us cool except for some ceiling fans. But the ceiling fans are nothing like a good climate control system, so we are going to just have to sweat it out while we play. It is a lot better than playing in the winter though when the temps are so cold you can barely feel your fingers. It has been a long cold winter and my central heating system needs a break as it has been running almost nonstop this whole season. I had some pretty high power bills as a result but they weren’t as crazy as they were last year when the rates were really high. Next winter I will heat my house with the fireplace since we have a lot of wood leftover.
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