My sister was actually utilizing the heating device in her dorm as a shelf

My sister was using the heating device in her dorm room as a shelf when I went to visit her the other week.

When I first walked into her dorm room, I could not even guess what I was seeing.

The place looked essentially like it had been ransacked. When my sister was younger, she was severely messy, even though I assumed that as she grew up she would grow out of it eventually. I thought that once she got her own place or her own university dorm, she would become somewhat neater. However, when I went to visit her that day, I realized that my hopes were absolutely unrealized. She was even messier there than she had been at home when my nice friend and I were living together! Anyway, I was meant to be going to her university to meet her for breakfast plus to spend the day with her, but the moment that I walked into her dorm room I was severely shocked plus aggravated. The first thing I observed was that she had an electric space heating device plugged in, but electric furnaces are completely off limits for people living in dorms because they can be a severe fire hazard. She was ignoring the rule about electric space heaters, plus worse than that, she had clothes hanging on top of it! It was like she was using the space heating device as an extra closet shelf or something! I could not even believe my eyes. I ended up spending the afternoon cleaning her room plus yelling at her about being more responsible about the space heater device.

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