Yoga feels better in air conditioning than heat in my opinion

Before the COVID-19 pandemic started, I went to yoga at a hot yoga studio about four times a week.

The studio had central heat set to about 90 degrees and had two space heaters in the room as well.

I loved hot yoga because I felt that I sweat out all of my toxins and the heat allowed me to get deeper into the poses. My yoga studio closed when gyms and other non-essential businesses closed in my area to prevent the spread of COVID-19. At first I was really sad about not being able to practice yoga in the heated studio with the yoga instructor and other students. I missed the feeling of community, sweating and feeling all of the endorphins after class. I started practicing yoga at home in my living room using an app with the air conditioner on. At first I didn’t like it as much because I didn’t sweat as much due to the air conditioner being on and I missed the feeling of the community. As time went on, my yoga studio opened back up with regulations in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now that I have the opportunity to go back to what I miss, I honestly don’t want to. Practicing yoga at home in the air conditioning allows me to work harder. Now I know if I’m sweating it is because my body is working hard, not just because the room I’m in has the thermostat set to 90 degrees. For now I will stay safe at home and practice yoga in the comfort of my air conditioned apartment.


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