Have you ever been to someone’s house that doesn’t dust their A/C vents?

Have you ever been to someone’s house and upon entering you realize it just is not clean at all? I’ve experienced this a few times in my life and it has deeply bothered me for multiple reasons.

I consider myself to be a clean person.

I like to keep my house clean because I feel that if you are living in a space you should keep it as clean and sanitary as possible. I also have really bad allergies and too much dirt, dust, or dander triggers my allergies and makes me suffer from itchy eyes, running nose and dry throat. The first dirty house situation I experienced was when I was in college. I was dating someone and he was sharing a home with three roommates. It seemed as though they never cleaned their home. There were dirty dishes stacked up, pizza boxes, and trash everywhere. They had central air conditioning in their home and I noticed that the vents were caked up with dust. I didn’t even want to imagine what their air conditioner filter looked like. The second time this happened was when I was staying in a vacation home. The home itself wasn;t the dirtiest I’ve ever seen, but it definitely wasn’t the cleanest. There was a layer of dust on top of the ceiling fans. This house also had central air conditioning and the vents were covered in dust as well. It amazes me that people don’t take the time to remove dust from their air conditioner vents. I understand that some air conditioner vents are on the ceiling so it may be hard to reach, but simply getting a ladder and cleaning the dust off of vents can help prevent allergies and even help those who have asthma.

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