Nana's first HVAC unit

Nana told me how they had grown up in the old days when they used a wood furnace to keep them warm. Those in the cities had better equipment, but those in the country could not say the same. She had, however, witnessed the beginning of the HVAC industry. She got her first HVAC unit when she gave birth to her second child. She and Grandpa were super excited about finally getting help with indoor comfort. The town’s mayor they lived in had issued a directive that each home had to have HVAC installation within the first year of his term. The mayor had worked with the local business in the area to offer this new HVAC equipment to every property at half price. The other half price, the government had catered for. By then, my mother, the firstborn, had seen a system at school and a thermostat, so she was not new to them. Nana, however, was her first time seeing a quality HVAC system. My mum noticed that they got the same HVAC brand as at school. It meant that they also had the latest technology in the HVAC business at the time, which would prove to be an issue when it came to nana operating it. After the HVAC provider delivered the unit, the HVAC repairman started the installation process. Once finished, the HVAC professional advised them on the importance of HVAC maintenance. Nana was relieved to know she would not need to deal with the servicing; they only needed to call the technicians, and they would handle it. Nana was very excited about the improved home comfort. She learned how to regulate the temperature, and her life has not been the same since. The mayor has been termed the best mayor for a long time.


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