I couldn't focus while in the HVAC class.

I had a different HVAC instructor, that was a man

I wasn’t expecting to see any girls when I entered the HVAC class that first day. There were four girls and only five guys in the class. When the HVAC instructor walked through the door, she was a woman. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how many women were there. Once I saw the HVAC instructor, it bowled me over to think about all the women that were there. I couldn’t focus while in the HVAC class, and I was trying to figure out how I was going to change classes. I thought I could get into another HVAC class. I wasn’t against women being HVAC technicians, but I came to school to get away from my girlfriend. We had a disastrous breakup, and I didn’t want to be around another woman for a long time. I was sure they would pair me with a girl in the HVAC class. My instructor tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I had a problem I could share with the class. I shook my head and got up and walked out. I heard some snickers, but I ignored them. I went to the office and told them my dilemma. The admissions director came in, and once again I was face to face with a woman. All I could say was, ‘there are too many pretty women here to deal with’, and I ran out of the building. I changed my class, but I had to wait another month for it to start. I had a different HVAC instructor, that was a man. There were mostly men in the class, and only one woman. She was my ex-girlfriend.

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