Renting a corporate home helps myself and others to stick to our lifestyle

About 3 years ago, I decided to switch our lifestyle to a keto diet, then if you believe anything about keto, you believe that it’s a very strict lifestyle. It’s a very low carb, high fat diet that eliminates most fruits, starchy veggies, grains, honey, syrup, or all kinds of sugars, then because of this lifestyle, I appreciate to prepare our meals at home, however when I do go out, I have to make special requests for most of our meals, but and I don’t always appreciate doing that because some waiters are not always accommodating, luckily, some restaurants do have keto-friendly menu items, but that is not always available. And when I travel, it becomes even trickier to stick to the diet… However, I recently began opting for corporate housing instead of staying in hotel rooms. Although I have stayed in hotels that have a family roomette, usually, they don’t have everything I need to prepare a meal or make a entirely great smoothie. But corporate housing rentals have a full family room with all the appliances that I would have at home. In addition to the fully stocked family room, I appreciate that there is extra space inside the corporate apartments that I can’t get at a regular hotel. Having the extra rooms is wonderful if I have to entertain guests and the full family room is wonderful as well, if I have to prepare a meal for our guests. While I am away from home, I appreciate the method of not tearing our diet, and staying in corporate rentals is the best way that I can guarantee that I will stick to it.
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