After our son drove his motorcycle in the door, we needed a door repair kit.

I had been telling my son he shouldn’t drink and drive, but he never listened to me.

  • I was worried he would get in an accident, or get stopped by the police.

I knew how much it would cost if he were to get a DUI. His older brother had gotten two DUIs before he learned his lesson. After a year of stern warnings, and threatening to kick him out, he finally learned his lesson. He didn’t, however, learn it as I imagined. He came home drunk one night and drove his motorcycle through the door. When I say he drove it through the door, I mean, he literally came right through the door. We heard the crash and things smashing as the door fell in. The door clipped the television set, and it crashed to the floor. Not only did he need to pay for a door repair, if not an entire door replacement, but he was going to pay for the televisions set. When he got out of bed the next morning, I knew he had a hangover, but I didn’t care. I had left the mess in the living room, so he could clean it up. He asked what had happened, but then his memory came back. He murmured about taking care of the mess. I told him I would need, at the least, a door repair kit, but probably an entire door replacement done. Once he was done with the door replacement, I expected him to go to town and purchase us a new television set.


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