Had a dream about having radiant heated floors in my home

I actually had a very interesting dream the other night.

I dreamed that I had a bunch of my family members over at my household.

I even had a bunch of friends back from high school come over to my home who I haven’t seen in ages. The cool thing about my party was that I was showing off my new heating system. I had radiant heated floors installed in my home and everybody was complimenting my new heating system. One old friend from high school though was jealous in the dream saying that just because I had radiant heated floors, I wasn’t better than everybody else. It was a really strange dream, but it felt so real and I could actually feel that heat radiating up from the ground. I actually have studied a lot about radiant heated floors and other heating systems before the dream, so I had a pretty good idea about what radiant heated floors were about. It was a little bit disappointing when I ended up waking up because my floors were actually chilly as usual. When I hopped out of the shower in the morning, it was the same frosty tiles I was stepping on in the bathroom. I came to realize that maybe that dream was trying to tell me something about my future. Obviously if I was dreaming about how wonderful radiant heated floors are, then that probably meant that deep down, that’s the type of heating system I wanted to get. I was thinking it would be perfect to have radiant heated floors installed before the winter season. We were actually nearing the end of the summer, and I certainly had enough to invest in radiant heated floors, so I decided to call up the HVAC company to see about installing radiant heated floors in real life!


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