Inside jokes that I didn’t really understand

Not too long ago, a buddy of mine invited me over to this little get together.

He said it was just a bunch of old friends of his and they were going to be hanging out and sharing some laughs. He told me to bring drinks, and I said I could do that. He introduced me to all his friends, and they all seemed like really good people. As a matter of fact, they were all really funny, but I came to realize that they had a bunch of inside jokes that didn’t seem funny to me. There was this one point when somebody was talking and then said, “Somebody didn’t get a new heater for weeeeeeennnnter!” Everybody started laughing like crazy and I was just sitting there staring at everybody. I wanted to be in with this group and get the joke, but it easily went over my head. I actually had to ask my friend to explain the joke to me. He had to catch his breath and then told me how they all used to be in a drama class together. They ended up making funny videos, and there was this one series of videos when that guy who told the joke was posing as an HVAC salesman. He was going around trying to sell everybody portable heating systems and convincing them that it was all they needed. The funny thing was that the people he was selling to had excellent heating systems like radiant heated floors, or powerful central heating systems. He was a gifted salesman though and he managed to talk the people into buying these cheap portable heating systems by saying they were energy efficient and could heat up the whole house. Now everybody knows a portable heater is not going to heat up an entire house, but that’s why it was funny. I wish I could have been a part of all that with these people.

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