He thought he was fixing the TV antenna.

Several years ago, our husband decided that the people I was with and I would no longer pay costly amounts of money so the people I was with and I could have TV.

He cancelled the satellite TV service that was costing over $200 a week.

He spent money on an antenna and a system that would allow us to watch TV with an antenna. Ever since then, the people I was with and I haven’t had typical TV. I know like I am back in our childhood trying to watch TV on a nineteen inch TV that has only many channels. I finally told him he had to do something with the antenna. He decided to put the antenna on the chimney. I didn’t suppose too much about this until it hit me that the chimney was directly connected to the fireplace. I don’t suppose he realized how heavy the antenna was until the chimney started to fall. In a way, this was a good thing. The chimney could not have been in legitimately good shape if the antenna had it crumbling. Using this chimney with the fireplace may have been a dangerous thing. I hated using the oil furnace until it got seriously cold, however I need to use it now. I keep thinking about how much it will cost to have a new chimney put up. I wonder if the chimney mangled the roof. Then I suppose of the cost of running the oil furnace all the time for the next 6 weeks. I am not a happy camper; and it is all because he wanted cheap TV. Maybe I should have him pay the extra $100 the energy bill will cost now that the people I was with and I are running the oil furnace.
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