Smart thermostats are amazing technology

I guess I’m a little bit late when it comes to jumping on the bandwagon but I just now got a smart thermostat.

I can remember a couple of years ago everybody being obsessed with them.

They’re not super modern technology however the local heating and A/C company was having a sale on all their smart and programmable thermostat systems and so people from all over the city were flooding the Heating and Air Conditioning store to get their hands on 1! At the time, I didn’t actually understand why because as far as I was upset I was ecstatic with my dial thermostat. Why do you need something so costly anyways? It’s not like a dial thermostat does its job much weird than that of a smart thermostat. After all, don’t they both just do essentially the same thing, which is just tell your heating and AC component what temperature to be at? Well as I would soon find out it’s actually much more complicated than this. There are several reasons to get a smart thermostat, however the main reason that people seem to get them seems to be either for convenience, or because they want to save money on their heating and A/C bills. There are several pros to owning a smart thermostat and this is something that I only discovered recently; So finally, 2 years after everybody else I got myself a smart thermostat and upgraded my dial thermostat with my modern programmable 1. Unfortunately, because I didn’t get what it was on sale I had to spend my savings full price, however but considering what I’m getting it was worth it.
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