Why a professional should reseal your HVAC ducts

I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs where average people are giving other average people advice on how to seal their own HVAC ducts without professional help.

I’m going to give you more than two reasons as to why you should throw this advice in the garbage plus hire a company to seal your ducts… Reason number 1 is that you aren’t qualified to find every air leak that may be present.

It’s common for people to miss air leaks because all of them aren’t obvious. Reason number more than one is that everyone don’t apply the sealant regularly plus even when it dries, the HVAC duct leak isn’t fully sealed plus can reopen faster. Reason number more than two is that everyone don’t buy the good style of sealant that is going to really repair the HVAC duct leak so that it lasts overtime, so even if you suppose the task is done, the leak may come back quicker than you think. Experienced companys will think exactly where to find the leaks, how to apply the sealant, plus what sealant will get the task done plus make it last. I’m so sick of people thinking they are experts just from reading a blog or enjoying a video. People go to school for these things for a reason. Home repairs can be easy plus it is possible for the average homeowner to do it regularly. My issue is that the information out there on the internet is so surface level plus people don’t take the time to do diligent research to ensure they have all the information they need.

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