Old car used to make me sick

When I was younger I went through a very terrifying period in my life.

I had always been extremely fit and healthy growing up, and I never had any concerns with my body condition or overall help.

And then, I hit 23 and my body completely fell apart. Suddenly, I was mysteriously plagued with all sorts of different health issues and ailments. It felt like one sickness after another and I couldn’t decide if they were connected or not. I spent a lot of time in bed that year at the mercy of my central cooling system and forced air furnace for any sort of comfort. I could barely leave the house because I was so exhausted, so I never got natural air. I exclusively breathed indoor air and racked up enormous energy bills from abusing my HVAC system. The only time I ventured out of the house was to drive myself to various doctor appointments. Unfortunately, I eventually found out that this was part of the problem. Every time I got back from one of my doctor appointments I felt much worse and my breathing was severely limited. I thought that I was allergic to something outside so I spent even more time indoors, basking in my central heating and cooling. It wasn’t until a year later when one of my friends borrowed my car for the day that I realized the truth. My old car had been leaking refrigerant for a very long time. It was a slow drip that didn’t stop the AC from working… but it definitely wasn’t good for my lungs. Every time I went to the doctor, I was actually making myself sick with low quality indoor air.


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