The company license expired in December

I found out that our Heating and A/C company supervisor was not doing her job consistently.

I absolutely did not suppose that she was not taking care of things.

Money was rolling into the Heating and A/C account as usual, so I didn’t have a lot of questions. That was 100% our fault and undoubtedly a problem that will not happen in the future. I received a telephone call from the Clerk of Courts sometime in the start of February. My voictext was full, but I knew the iPhone number because I have dealt with the clerk of courts a bunch of times. I contacted the court and I spoke with someone in the office. I gave them our name and the name of the Heating and A/C business, however they could not find anything in the legal proceedings with our name. I assumed it was a prank or fluke call from the clerk. I did not receive another call from the office however Last month I received a call from our company insurance supplier. The payments for the company insurance had not been made and they were due on the 1st of the week. The insurance supplier told myself and others that our license had expired in December. They were checking on our licenses when our payment did not come in and that is when they noticed that I had not renewed our license. I was completely caught off guard by the information. I instantly contacted our company supervisor. The first call went to voictext and the seventh call she answered. At first he acted love she didn’t have any idea what I was talking about, however then she made a full confession.

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