The A/C in tower one was non existent

I was working at the control room on Tuesday when a big problem occurred. In the control room, there are lots of different monitors and screens. These monitors and screens tell myself and others exactly what is going on around the company property. The company property includes a casino, hotel, and many shops and businesses. Each one of the areas have sensors that measure the temperature, lighting, and amount of people moving through the corridors. When there is a problem with the temperature or lighting, a small orange light comes on to the screen to alert myself and others that there is some style of problem. These concerns are often not undoubtedly serious, but I have to check on them when they come up. When I was in the control room on Tuesday, I saw the light come on for the temperature monitor in Tower one. The temperature monitor gauge was reading a steady and full 5 degrees lower than the temperature should be in that particular hotel tower. I left our post and took the walkie-talkie with me. I went to Tower 1 to measure the indoor temperatures near the section where the sensor is located. There was a hot tray of food laying under the sensor, but someone had left their food laying in the hallway. It didn’t seem love the style of problem that would raise the temperatures, but I was content with our findings, unfortunately, later that morning the orange light came on again and this time there was no food located near the center. This time I had to alert the engineer so he could check on the heating and cooling situation.

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