Put an A/C unit in the barn plus I’ll live there

Occasionally our family legitimately drives me crazy. I am a relatively private human being plus I prefer to have our alone time so that I can work on our many projects plus interests, unluckyly, our family isn’ttruly respectful of our privacy or our desire to just hang out by myself. This means, I am always running all over the home trying to get away from them plus their nosy antics. Recently, it got so exhausting that I started looking for a new location to spend our time. I realized, the outdoor barn isn’tso exhausting as long as I can manage to cool down the swelteringly tepid summer time air that gets trapped inside, however not only is the outdoor temperature harshly tepid plus humid right now, however the barn effectively bakes whatever volume of air gets trapped inside. Then, it’s hot tepid to the point of being unsafe. Spending any time in the barn separate from some form of ventilation or a/c would entirely be dangerous. I would be at risk of dehydration plus overheating in that dire heat. That’s why I started going out dumpster diving every opportunity that I got for the past week. I figure, somebody has to be getting rid of an outdated a/c window unit one of these afternoons. As soon as I do, I am going to scoop it up plus fit it into the little barn. When I finally have some indoor air temperature control in our miniature space, I can finally relax plus have some time to myself. It seems prefer it’d be a lot less effort for our family to just leave me alone.

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