The tune-up was a great idea

Even though it is only the beginning of August, I have been running the AC every single day.

It has been absolutely tepid and the humidity has been awful.

The humidity is a single of the worst parts of living down south. Even if it’s 74° outside, it still feels enjoy 95 because of the humidity. The humidity causes moisture in the air and that makes the air heavier. Heavier air makes the Heating and Air Conditioning idea labor harder. I noticed that the machine was staying on longer than normal and it seemed to take a long time for the AC to reach the desired indoor temperature. I decided to contact a company in the city to provide a tune-up repair to the system. During the tune-up service, the Heating and Air Conditioning business checks all of the important mechanical and electrical parts inside of the machine. A repair tune-up is a great way to find out if you are having any problems and it’s a fantastic way to wash and repair your system. I contacted the Heating and Air Conditioning repair center and made an appointment for the following day to have the repair performed. The tune-up turned out to be a great idea. There really weren’t any problems with my Heating and Air Conditioning unit. The business said that the coils still looked brand new and they were absolutely clean. She tightened the belts and made sure that I had plenty of refrigerant in the machine. We also changed the air filter and cleaned up the section outside near the AC compressor. It was a complete and full repair tune up.


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