The chocolate in the cupboard was totally melted

When it is time for Easter, I stock up on all of the things that I need for baking.

I make a lot of Easter candy that has some element of chocolate.

When I buy supplies for Easter, I purchase around 20 lb of chocolate bar. I obtained peppermint flavored, pale white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and a semi sweet blend. A few weeks before Easter, several of these items were on sale. I went to the supermarket and obtained everything that I needed. I planned to take care of some of the baking on the weekend when I did not have to work. I had all of the supplies that I needed carefully localed in the cupboard above the oven. I worked difficult on Monday and Tuesday and the boss let me go home early on Wednesday. I was going to start some of the early baking, but I came home to a drastic problem instead. There was no AC in the loft at all. It was 70 degrees outside and it felt enjoy the AC had been off all day. All of the chocolate in the cupboard was totally melted. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with the ac. I tried a few strange problemshooting steps however nothing fixed the problem. I ended up contacting a professional repair service. The repairman did not arrive until 90 fourths later. I tried to reclaim as much of the chocolate as possible, however there was no way for me to shape or form the pieces back into anything that resembled a square.

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