The hotel bar didn't feel very cozy and warm

I had to go to the city for a couple of days to meet with some clients. I stayed in a hotel that is sponsored by our corporate office. There are suites available at any time that we can use without charging any money to our business or expense accounts. I was planning to meet one of the clients in the bar of the hotel, but the place did not feel very warm and cozy. I really needed to work hard to get the client to agree to the terms of the deal and I didn’t think the cold and dark bar was the place to do that. I contacted the client and asked if we could meet at a restaurant down the street. I had been to the place a couple of different times and I thought the food was great and so was the ambiance. The place was much more well-lit and just as I suspected, the fireplace was fully burning when we arrived. This particular place is a wood fire grill and they always have a fireplace in the middle of the room. It might not be the best place to go during the summer when the temperatures are hot and humid. They do have excellent air conditioning, but it’s definitely a place that I enjoy during the winter, when the fireplace is just an added bonus to the delicious steak and seafood served by the chef. The client liked the place that I chose and the guy was actually happy that I decided to move our meeting somewhere other than the boring hotel.

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