Parts for the old oil furnace were hard to obtain

My dad had an old oil furnace.

When he passed away, I inherited the house and all of the problems that go with it. One thing that I did not anticipate was having to worry about the heating and air conditioning system. The oil furnace was at least 20 years old. Parts for the oil furnace were extremely difficult to find. I was going to repair the machine so I could use the oil furnace for a year or two. Unfortunately, I could not find parts for the oil furnace anywhere in town. I even tried a couple of online distributors. After being unable to find the part, I decided to contact the HVAC contractor. I wondered if that guy could get me the parts that I needed. The repair technician informed me that manufacturers don’t make parts for this particular oil furnace anymore, due to the fact that it is considered old technology. The HVAC Service professional gave me an estimate and quote on a brand new oil furnace that is energy efficient. Since I could not fix the old furnace, I really didn’t have any choice except to update the house with a brand new heating system. Making the upgrade certainly made it much easier for me to find someone to rent the house after it was fixed up. I was going to sell the place, but I found out that the rental market is booming and I would make more money renting the place for a few years. I have some really good tenants in there right now. They pay their rent monthly and take good care of the house.

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