Somebody broke into our household

My family plus I went on holiday for an entire week.

When the people I was with and I came back home from holiday, the first thing the people I was with and I noticed was the front door wide open.

All of us don’t have any buddies or family plus no one has a key to our household except us. When the people I was with and I saw the door half open, the people I was with and I immediately started to fret that someone might have broken into the house! I told my wife to stay in the car plus I slowly entered the household. I yelled a couple of times to announce myself. I did not want to startle someone if they were already inside of our home. I entered the bedroom area plus that is when I saw the sizable mess. It looked as if someone dumped out a bin of trash on the floor, the next thing that I noticed was the window AC device. It was totally missing, someone had ripped the AC component right out of the window. They took everything, including all of the pieces of Styrofoam plus weatherstripping that I was using to help block the air from coming inside of the household. There were other things missing from the new household as well, including my $5,000 watch that I keep in a lock box in the bedroom. After seeing all of the missing items, I told my wife to call the police. All of us had to file a report for the air conditioner device, watch, plus all of the missing electronics. I doubt the people I was with and I will ever see them again to be honest. The officer told us to contact our insurance supplier to update all of the missing items plus the AC device.

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