Tell me more about how physical therapy could help you walk?

When I broke my leg, and never really healed properly.

My doctor suggested I get some physical therapy to help me walk.He told me he was going to set me up with the health and fitness program.

I don’t really understand what he meant by health and fitness program, but I didn’t know if physical therapy was. If the health and fitness program was able to get me the physical therapy, I was all in. I was tired of shuffling around, unable to move my leg properly, and tripping myself. Two weeks later, I got a phone call from one of the physical therapist at the health and fitness center. She asked me to come in and be evaluated. They wanted to set me up with a program, but before they could do that they had to find out what my range of motion was in exactly what was causing my inability to walk properly. I was surprised when I walked into the health and fitness center. They had water aerobics, a sauna and locker room, and everything you would expect to see in a large hospital facility. The young woman at the front desk in the health and fitness center took my name and all my personal information and told me someone be out to see me soon. When the young man came out, he took me back to the room and talk to me the entire time. He said he had been at the health and fitness center for the past year, and he loved it there and he was sure I would to.

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