Air conditioning should not be expensive in hot and humid states

I firmly believe that if someone lives in a hot and humid state such as one in the southeastern region of the country, that air conditioning should not be as expensive as it is.

In many cases, air conditioning can save lives.

Some people do not have access to air conditioning due to their financial situations, so they end up suffering consequences of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. I feel very blessed that I am able to afford my air conditioning. Even though I have the financial capability to pay my electric bill, there are times that I still feel it is too expensive. However, there are individuals that do not run their air conditioning at all because they know they would not be able to pay their electric bill on time or at all. I feel that air conditioning can prevent health conditions and even death. In that case, it shoud cost way less than it does. In some cases, it is easier for people to live without heat than without air conditioning. If someone has enough blankets, a fireplace, and access to hot water, it can be helpful in preventing cold related illnesses. However, it is not always that easy to cool down. It is possible that someone can use ice packs, stick their head in the freezer, or take a cold shower but that is not a sustainable way to replace air conditioning. One way someone can save money on air conditioning is by purchasing a portable air conditioner. This is definitely not as cold as central air conditioning, but in life or death situations this may be helpful when someone cannot afford air conditioning.


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