Furnace went out while boarding pets

I board people’s animals from my home.

That’s why it was a really big deal when my furnace went out in the middle of winter. I had six animals in my home over the Christmas holiday. It couldn’t have been much worse. I ended up moving all of the pets into my living room and then I started up the space heaters. After that, I called several furnace companies before finding one that was still open. Thankfully, they were able to come out the same day. The furnace technician who showed up was very friendly and he greeted all of the animals then he got right to work. He discovered the problem with my furnace very quickly. Apparently all of my vents and ductwork were full of pet hair and so was the air filter. I thought I had changed the air filter 2 months ago but I must have forgotten because the new one is still there in the utility room. The technician vacuumed out all of my ductwork and got my furnace working great again. I also signed up for a yearly maintenance plan. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen again the furnace technician will come out and clean all of my ductwork and also make sure my furnace is in good working order twice a year. The best part is that I can write this off as a business expense while I’m doing my taxes. After all, it’s imperative that I keep the animals in my home comfortable and healthy. That’s what their owners trust me to do.

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