Terrible rental HVAC makes me long for my own house again

It seemed like a really good plan when we first proposed it.

The kids were gone so, maybe we should think about selling our home and then rent until we decide where we want to spend our retirement years.

I remember my folks stayed in the home they raised us in. It became far too much for them and I think it played a part in their last years not being very good. I didn’t want that to happen to us even though our house was so great. I loved nearly everything about it. The HVAC was perfect and kept us comfortable in all seasons. The place was familiar and felt like home. But, it was big and then it was empty. Our wonderful home really needed another family in it. So, we put it up for sale. It didn’t take long to get a contract on it. Fortunately, we were able to have a couple of months to downsize prior to moving to our new rented condo. Everything was going to plane. And while I wasn’t thrilled with the change, there was also a certain element of excitement as well. That is until it started to get warm. Then, we found out why we loved the HVAC so much in our old place. The HVAC system in our condo was so old and overmatched that it was simply ridiculous. So now, I am miserable inside this condo. The rental company will do nothing and I am not about to pay for professional HVAC repair or maintenance out of my own pocket. I’d say that we will be choosing a new location as soon as the lease is up.

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