Remodeling my kitchen

I am going to be remodeling my kitchen very soon.

  • And in doing this I am planning on getting radiant heated floors in there.

I have radiant heated floors in my bathroom as well as my living room. But I do not have radiant heated floors in my kitchen. This is something I have always wanted to expand on because in the winter time months of the year it gets pretty cold here. And my kitchen is always freezing even when I am using the oven. So I figured since I am doing the remodeling this would be the best time to get those radiant heated floors into my kitchen. Much like my bathroom remodel job I did, the local heating and air conditioning company suggested that I get the radiant heated floors put it before I start all the major remodeling. Having the radiant heated floors put in at the end would make things more complicated than they have to be. So having the radiant heated floors installed into my kitchen is going to be the first thing done on this whole remodeling venture I am about to begin. I have the heat and a/c company scheduled to come out to start the work on the radiant heated floors next Monday. They should be able to have them all in and ready within one full day of work since my kitchen does not require any additional construction to get the radiant heated floors installed. Once that is done, I will begin with everything else on the list.

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