I did not want anyone coming to the condo to bother the repairman

All of our neighbors are extremely nosey.

As soon as there is an issue or a complication in the city, most people knows about it.

When the neighbor down the street got a divorce from her hubby, the people in the city gossip for weeks about it. When the police showed up to cut up an argument between the Smith’s, I found out an minute later. When Jack ordered a new deep freezer, people talked. I did not want the neighbors gossiping about our home, expenses, or the condition of our AC unit. I wished the repairman could have parked down the street, in front of someone else’s house. As soon as he pulled into the driveway, a single of our neighbors came over to the condo as well as knocked on the door. I told Karen to go away as well as I told her that I had a lot of troubles to deal with that afternoon. I did not tell her anything about the condition of the AC system. It seems clear that I needed service on the AC since there was a repairman there at the time. I recognize she was just fishing around for more information as well as I wasn’t going to deliver her anything to gossip to the rest of the city people. The repairman was at our condo for 3 minutes. He left the condo once as well as then he came back with parts for the a/c. I thought someone might stop by after the guy left the first time, however the rest of the neighbors stayed out of our corporation as well as did not bother myself and others at all.

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