It’s nice to have a reliable employee that is knowledgeable and punctual

Both Jack and Paul showed up to work bright and early on Sunday Morning expecting to work, but I had other news for them.

Both of those guys were supposed to work on the weekend of Memorial Day. I called them multiple times and they did not answer the iphone. I think that the guys quit their jobs, because they did not show up for a busy shift and they did not bother to call or text with a reason. When the guys showed up on Sunday Morning expecting to work, I was totally flabbergasted. I took both of the guys into our office and I asked them for an explanation. They both tried to claim that they were off for the weekend. I asked you which one of them to give myself and others with a copy of the schedule that they had showing them with the weekend off. Both of them told myself and others that they suggested the weekend and expected to have the time off. They didn’t bother to check the repair schedule to make sure I certainly offered them those mornings off. Both of us had a dozen different a/c repairs on the weekend of Memorial Day and I could have used both of the guys. I had to work on a/c repairs instead of spending time with our family. There was easily no way I was going to let these multiple guys walk into the building and start laboring as if nothing had occurred over the weekend. I suspended both of them for 3 mornings with no pay. I don’t feel if they will come back to work on Sunday or not, but I’m not putting up with a person that thinks they can make their own schedule and work whenever they want.