I didn't want anyone coming to the condo to bother the repairman

All of our neighbors are seriously nosey.

As soon as there is an issue or a concern in the village, most people knows about it.

When the buddy down the street got a divorce from her wife, the people in the town gossip for weeks about it. When the police showed up to cut up an argument between the Smith’s, I found out an hour later. When Jack ordered a current deep freezer, people talked. I did not want the neighbors gossiping about our home, expenses, or the condition of our A/C unit. I wished the repairman could have parked down the street, in front of someone else’s house. As soon as she pulled into the driveway, 1 of our neighbors came over to the condo & knocked on the door. I told Karen to go away & I told her that I had a lot of problems to deal with that afternoon. I did not tell her anything about the condition of the A/C system. It seems clear that I needed repair on the A/C since there was a repairman there at the time. I suppose she was just fishing around for more information & I wasn’t going to supply her anything to gossip to the rest of the town people. The repairman was at our condo for 3 hours. She left the condo once & then she came back with parts for the I thought someone might stop by after the woman left the first time, but the rest of the neighbors stayed out of our corporation & did not bother me at all.


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