Somebody called me for information on HVAC jobs

I’m not currently looking for any employees, but I was intrigued when someone called me for more information on available HVAC repairman jobs.

The person sounded very young.

He was a recent graduate from the technical school. He had some applications put in at local businesses, but he was cold calling some of the other places to see if there were any open positions. To be honest, I really appreciated his hard work and effort to get a job. It reminded me of myself when I was first starting out in the HVAC repair business. Even though I wasn’t hiring at the time, I decided to contact that guy. I told him that I didn’t have any positions available, but I wondered if he would like to meet for an interview just in case something became available in the next few months. The guy seemed happy to oblige me with an interview and I set up a meeting for the next morning. The young guy looked like he was 15, but he was 23 years old. He graduated from the technical school with a high grade point average. The kid had impressive marks and I felt like he could really add something to our program. Even though I wasn’t looking to hire anyone new, I decided to hire the guy to work part-time. Eventually I will find a full-time position for him, but right now I’m just happy to have him on board with us. I can teach this kid the ropes and make him my little protege.

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